Carbix – Technical and design expertise with carbon fiber – essential advice and a great price on the carbon fiber rods for Pendulum Wave.

Concept Zero – CZFerro – Thanks for the suspension liquid and advice.  Always a pleasure working with their experts in the US.

First 4 Magnets – Gave me a great price on the ferrofluid and some good tips.  The place to go for professionals and laymen who want to engage this challenging liquid

Kuntze & Co. – Great consulting on seals and gaskets.

Steneby, Göteborg University

Per Olof Nilsson’s “Physics Toys” at Chalmers University

Focus Neon In Göteborg sponsored the Argon Ring in the ROMP, custom shaping a clear tube of gas to fit the design.


ThyssenKrupp Materials Sverige

ThyssenKrupp Materials Sverige sponsored the cold rolled steel for the 300+ kilo ring in Solarsail

SN Metall sponsored high polish stainless plate for the Polar Vessels, as did

Dalsland’s Platslageri in Bengtsfors.

Please contact if you would like to discuss a collaboration!


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