The “Ferrodome” allows you to play with Ferrofluid – a suspension of iron nanoparticles in oil.  It is one of two exhibits I developed for the Vetenskapfestivalen.  This stuff is great to play with, but very challenging to control in public space.  Here is some more information about this fascinating material:

Developed by NASA in the 1960’s as a rocket propellant that could be controlled by magnetic fields in the absence of gravity.

-Now used in automotive brake systems (Volvo, Mercedes) and hi-fi speakers

-A colloidal suspension of iron nanoparticles with an acidic surfricant to prevent clumping.  Due to the size of the particles (+- 10 nm,) they exhibit Brownian motion – a sort of chaotic dance.

The spikes are from a delicate interaction of the magnetic field lines, gravity, and surface tension.

-It is a challenging material – volatile, expensive, staining, jumping, playing, and inspiring.


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